Vivo V21 smartphone suitable for blogging and ticking | Review

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Vivo V21 smartphone suitable for blogging and ticking. When it comes to mid and budget range smartphones in today’s market, Vivo is a name not to be missed. I have reviewed about a stylish phone of Vivo. Is this phone with the world’s first 44 megapixel optical image stabilization selfie camera really a selfie expert?

Vivo V21 smartphone
Vivo V21 smartphone

We will also discuss this issue in the review. When I heard this phone in my hand, I thought it was a little expensive. And I can’t even begin to fathom the value of it. But, when I opened this phone and started using it, then somehow I started forgetting about this phone. So far, it has been one of my favorite phones.

Body design and looks

  • This phone looks attractive as soon as you look at it. Wrapped in matte black, glass front and plastic frame, the phone has Corning Gorilla Glass protection on the front. This glass is light, strong and also compatible with touch screen.
  • Both the weight and the width make it comfortable to carry. So it is not difficult to carry. Speaking of its color options, the phone is available in Dusk Blue, Sunset Diesel and Arctic White.
  • In the overall color options, Sunset Dazzle and Minimal design with ‘Glare effect’ is preferred while Dusk Blue or Arctic is preferred while white color is fine. But in Nepal, only Dusk Blue and Sunset Diesel options are available.
  • The phone I have is a diesel. The rectangular module with three cameras on the back looks very attractive. When viewed from the front, you can see the selfie camera with OIS of 44 megapixels.
  • Which I will discuss in a moment. There is a noise cancellation mic on the top of the phone. Similarly, if you look at the right side, there is a volume button and below that there is a power button.
  • As the fingerprint sensor is inside the screen, there is no sensor for it on the back or side. Speaking of the lower part of the phone, it can be seen in a slightly different kind of change than other smartphones.
  • Initially there is a hybrid dual SIM tray. . Which supports external micro SD card
  • You may wonder where the headphone jack is. But the charging port also works as a headphone jack. For that, Vivo has also given earphones and Type C audio jack in the box along with V21.
  • You can listen to the song with pleasure by connecting the connector to the charging port and connecting it to the headphones. Not only that, any external microphone can also be connected to this connector and recorded on the phone.
  • up to one TB. Most phones have a SIM tray on the left side. But it has a lower part. The SIM tray is followed by a charging port and a speaker grill, respectively.
  • While saying this, you may feel that you can’t hear the song from the wired earphones while charging. I thought so at first. But as I was driving, I didn’t really feel the need.
  • I will also say why while talking about its battery life. That’s it, Buddy and design. Now let’s talk about the accessories available with the phone.


  • In the box along with phone related documents and manuals you will find a stylish SIM tray ejector, 33 watt adapter, type C cable, earphones, earphone connector and a cover made of transparent rubber.
  • Here’s a thing to say about these wire earphones. It’s really comfortable for the ears. We can easily use it on laptops or other Android smartphones. It can also be recorded by placing an external mic in the earphone connector.
  • Another important thing in accessories is the 33 watt flash charge 2.0. It takes only 30 minutes to charge Vivo V21 from zero to 63 percent and it doesn’t take even one hour to fully charge.
  • Although the phone cover is transparent, it is suitable for the design of the phone. Overall, the accessories that Vivo will provide with this smartphone, I think ‘A One’.

Display, UI and brightness

  • Now let’s talk about the display. The phone has a 6.44 inch display with smooth and 90 Hz refresh rate, AMOLED panel, HDR 10 Plus support.
  • The HDR10 Plus is a static technology that helps the phone show colors and contrast in the real world. This means watching the video can feel like watching in real life.
  • The average brightness is 200/300 nits, but it has 500 nits. This brightness gives a wonderful experience indoors and at night.
  • But for daylight, it seems that the brightness of 500 nits in this range of phones is a bit low. Because even on some budget phones, the brightness of 800 nits has started coming.

Performance and storage Vivo V21 smartphone

Vivo has also enabled expandable RAM technology in the V20 series with extra powerful processors. There are two variants of 8 GB RAM. One has 128 GB and the other 256 GB internal storage.

But now only 128 GB is available in Nepal. It also has up to three GB of expandable space, so a total of 11 GB is sufficient. And it has a separate slot for holding up to one TB of memory.

After all, you don’t have to worry about running out of storage for photos, videos, documents, music and apps. When it comes to the processor, it has Octacore MediaTek Dimension 800U. It feels smooth when playing games, listening to music, running a heavy app, streaming content.

Operating system

Vivo’s 20 FunTouch operating system runs on 11.1 Android version. There will be updates in the coming days. The UI of this phone is smooth and user friendly. However, when you swipe the phone up and down, the notification bar at the top scrolls faster than the app bar.

Battery life

One of the attractive features of this phone is its battery life. Of course, it only has a 4000 mAh capacity battery. Now even a normal phone comes with a 6000 mAh battery, so it may seem that the battery lasts less.

But since it supports 33 watt fast charging, this phone charges very fast. Viva said that even when advertising this fan, it charges 63 percent in 30 minutes. This phone is fully charged in about an hour when I charge. When fully charged and operated normally, it lasts for one and a half days. So you don’t have to worry even if it is the same part for airplane and charging. Because 30 minutes of charge can run this fan all day. So the battery life has given this phone a good taste.


The main and attractive feature of this phone is its camera. Triple rear camera with rectangular module design makes this fan look attractive. Along with the 64MP primary camera, it also has an OIS 8MP macro shooter.

The quality of the main camera was amazing when I looked at the out and out doors. Whether inside or outside the tree, the cracks seem to be clearing. No matter the angle, the fat quality drawn at ultra wide angle is not less.

In the case of the camera, I got the result according to the hype. The OIS and EIS (Optical Image Stabilization and Electric Image Stabilization) in the primary camera help to clear the shots even when the fan is moving.

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