Scope of Technology in Nepal

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Scope of Technology in Nepal ,In the contest of Nepal there are lots of probability in the field of technology. In The Contest of Nepal lots of It company is in growing and established. We Have no more resources in IT field There are lots of chances and opportunities in Design and Developer as well as Graphics designer.

Scope of Technology in Nepal

Although the topic of technological diversification has been a major source of research, only a few studies have explored the determinant variables of technological scope decisions. The present study enhances our understanding of the determinants of a firm’s technological scope strategy. After reviewing the related literatures, we proposed and empirically tested a conceptual model from the perspective of the firm’s environment, strategic orientation, and resources. 

Fashioned as a high-impact, high-visibility, top-echelon publication, this new ground-breaking journal – TECHNOLOGY – will feature the development of cutting-edge new technologies in a broad array of emerging fields of science and engineering. The content will have an applied science and technological slant with a focus on both innovation and application to daily lives. It will cover diverse disciplines such as health and life science, energy and environment, advanced materials, technology-based manufacturing, information science and technology, and marine and transportations technologies.

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