Russia-Ukraine war deepens chip shortages, could push up prices of smartphones, laptops and electric cars

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Kathmandu. War breaks out between Russia and Ukraine If the ongoing war continues for a long time, its effects will not be limited to two countries.

The war is expected to push up the price of products such as smartphones, laptops and electric cars around the world. Because of the war between the two countries, the shortage of chipsets will deepen and which will lead to a reduction in the production of smartphones, laptops and electric cars.

According to a Reuters report, the United States imports 90 percent of semiconductor grade neon from Ukraine. At the same time, the United States imports 35 percent of its palladium from Russia.

Both of these products are considered important for chipset manufacturing. Russia’s exports account for 45 percent of the world’s exports. Stopping exports from Ukraine and Russia could also halt the construction of sensors and memory.

Chipset production could also be halted if exports of metals from Ukraine and Russia were stopped. Due to all these reasons, the business of making semiconductors may be blocked.

A Japanese chip maker has already said that the supply of these materials is low. Concerns have been raised that the supply system could be shut down due to the war.

Which can cause serious crisis. In this case, the price of the chip can increase significantly. Semiconductor means semiconductor. It is used to control electrical current. Semiconductors are made of silicon.

It is considered a good driver for electrical control. Which is made by fitting in a micro circuit. No electrical device can be imagined without semiconductors in simple terms.

Semiconductors are widely used in the industries of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing, Wireless Networking, FiveG, Drones, Robotics, Gaming, etc.

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