Best bikes in Nepal under Rs 3 lakhs

Best bikes in Nepal under Rs 3 lakhs

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Best bikes in Nepal under Rs 3 lakhs
Best bikes in Nepal under Rs 3 lakhs

Best bikes in Nepal under Rs 3 lakhs, Cruisers are the most pre-owned car in Nepal. They are utilized as worker basics as well as for voyaging a significant distance and these days as a vehicle for acquiring also.

There are enormous organizations like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Bajaj contending in the bike market in Nepal. We have as of now given the rundown of most eco-friendly bicycles in Nepal, which can be exceptionally convenient for the worker section. However, those bicycles may not look so trendy and have sufficient power to travel quite far. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need a few style and power, we present to you the rundown of best motorbikes you can buy for not as much as Rs 300,000 in Nepal.

8. Hero Splendor iSmart 110

Beginning our rundown is Hero Splendor iSmart 110 that accompanies a 109.15 cc refined motor, producing the greatest force of 8.98bhp @ 7500 rpm. The bicycle is lightweight and has an exquisite plan that is ideal for the weighty deals and tight streets of Nepal. This is Hero’s first bicycle with i3S innovation, which assists the bicycle with being more eco-friendly and brilliant than its rivals. Different elements in this bicycle incorporate games illustrations, a consistently on headlamp and tubeless tires. Upon buy, the organization gives 30% off on motor oil, 7% on spare parts and five years’ guarantee.


Engine typeAir-cooled, four-stroke two-valve single-cylinder OHC
DimensionsLength: 2,015mm
Width: 770mm
Height: 1,055mm
Ground clearance: 165mm
Max power8.98 BHP @ 7500 rpm
Max torque9 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Top speed92 kmph
Mileage61 kmpl
Fuel tank capacity8.5 litres
Tyre sizeFront tyre: 80/100-18 – Drum
Rear tyre: 80/100-18 – Drum
Braking systemIntegrated brake system (IBS)
Kerb weight115 kg
Available coloursRed, black-silver, black-red, black-blue

The price of Hero Splendor iSmart 110 is Rs 183,500.

7. Honda CB Shine

Honda CB Shine is one of the top of the line bicycles in Nepal. It is additionally one of the most famous eco-friendly bicycles in Nepal. This is the best eco-friendly bicycle in this class. Contrasted with contenders, Honda Shine is a fantastic worker, pressing in great styling and fair execution. This vehicle packs a programmed headlamp, popular front visor, current and up-to-date designs, tubeless tires and a chrome finish suppressor. It likewise has a five-venture movable suspension making it an agreeable ride in all the pitch conditions.


Engine typeAir-cooled, Single-cylinder, four-stroke, SI engine
DimensionsLength: 2,012mm
Width: 762mm
Height: 1,090mm
Ground clearance: 157mm
Displacement124.7 cc
Max power10.57 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Max torque10.30 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Top speed93 kmph
Mileage65 kmpl
Fuel tank capacity10.5 litres
Tyre sizeFront tyre: 80/100-18 – Drum (Disc optional)
Rear tyre: 80/100-18 – Drum
Braking systemStandard braking
Kerb weight123 kg
Available coloursBlack, brown, grey, blue, red, rebel red, white

The price of Honda CB Shine is Rs 225,900.

6. Hero Xtreme 200R

The main 200cc bicycle in this classification, Hero Xtreme is additionally the most impressive bicycle with a maximum force up to 17.1Nm@ 6500 rpm. The Xtreme 200R elements all-new suspension and another back sub-outline for adjusted and smoother power conveyance. It additionally incorporates a seven-venture flexible back Mono-shock suspension. The bicycle gets plate brakes at the two closures and furthermore a solitary channel ABS unit as standard fit, turning into the main bicycle in this fragment to have ABS as a standard security include. At this sticker cost, Hero Xtreme 200R is the most reasonable bicycle in the 200 cc portion.


Engine typeAir-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke, two-valve, OHC
DimensionsLength: 2,062mm
Width: 778mm
Height: 1,072mm
Ground clearance: 165mm
Max power18.4 PS @ 8000 rpm
Max torque17.1 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Top speed115 kmph
Mileage42.75 kmpl
Fuel tank capacity12.5 litres
Tyre sizeFront tyre100/80-17 – Disc
Rear tyre130/70-R17 – Disc
Braking systemSingle-channel ABS
Kerb weight148 kg
Available coloursRed, silver, blue

The price for Hero Xtreme 200R in Nepal is Rs 295,500.

5. TVS Apache RTR 160 4V

Perhaps the best bicycle in the classification, TVS Apache RTR 160 4V produces a maximum force of 16.62PS at 8000 rpm and a maximum force of 14.8 Nm at 6500 rpm. It utilizes a mix of oil-cooling and air-help cooling. Apache RTR 160 elements a race-topic refined motor, brilliant solace, and best-in-fragment execution. The bicycle gets its standpoint and a large portion of its highlights from its more established kin, Apache RTR 200. The bicycle is quick and can go from 0-60 km in 4.2 seconds. Alongside the speed, the treatment of the bicycle is additionally quite agreeable and the bicycle has awesome suspensions that make riding agreeable in each pitch condition.


Engine typeOil-cooled with air assist,SI, four-stroke, four-valve
DimensionsLength: 2,035mm
Width: 790mm
Height: 1,050mm
Ground clearance: 180mm
Displacement159.7 cc
Max torque16.62 PS @ 8000 rpm
Max power14.8 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Top speed114 kmph
Mileage40 kmpl
Fuel tank capacity12 litres
Tyre sizeFront tyre: 90/90-17 – Disc
Rear tyre: 130/70-R17 – Disc
Braking systemStandard
Kerb weight147 kg
Available coloursRacing red, racing blue and racing Black

The price for TVS Apache RTR 160 4V is Rs 294,900.

4. Honda CB Unicorn 160

Honda CB Unicorn is one of the most cherished bicycles in Nepal. Honda CB Unicorn 160 accompanies straightforwardness however gives a satisfactory exhibition to coordinate with the contenders. It has open to riding elements and the riding stance is upstanding. It has an exemplary consistently on the headlamp, a streamlined AHO front visor and a rich suppressor. Different highlights incorporate a support free battery, Honda eco-innovation and tubeless tires.


Engine typeAir-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke, SI engine (Carburetor)
DimensionsLength: 2,045mm
Width: 757mm
Height: 1,062mm
Ground clearance: 150mm
Displacement162.71 cc
Max power14.01 PS @ 8000 rpm
Max torque13.95 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Top speed106 kmph
Mileage62 kmpl
Fuel tank capacity12 litres
Tyre sizeFront tyre: 80/100-17 – Disc
Rear tyre: 110/80-17 – Drum
Braking systemStandard
Kerb weight134 kg
Available coloursMetallic, red, grey, black, blue, white

The price for Honda CB Unicorn 160 is Rs 274,900.

3. Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 ABS

Bajaj Pulsar is the most well known bicycle in Nepal. It is a bare games bicycle as the NS here addresses something very similar. It has a forceful strong styling which made the bicycle famous in both the Indian and Nepali business sectors. It has its looks from the famous NS 200. The appearance, yet the bicycle additionally has a strong twin-flash DTS-I Fi motor. To coordinate that power, the bicycle is protected by the top tier ABS slowing down, making the slowing down conceivable over any surface. The bicycle likewise has more extensive tubeless tires and combination wheels alongside Nitrox mono suspension, making the taking care of entirely agreeable on any surface. Slick, however the new Pulsar is strong and super protected too.


Engine typeOil-cooled, four-stroke, SOHC four-valve, twin spark DTS-i engine
DimensionLength: 2,012mm
Width: 803.5mm
Height: 1,060mm
Ground clearance: 168 mm
Displacement160.3 cc
Max power15.5 PS @ 8500 rpm
Max torque14.6 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Top speed118 kmph
Mileage40 kmpl
Fuel tank capacity12 litre
Tyre sizesFront tyre: 90/90-17 – Disc
Rear tyre: 120/80-17 – Disc
Braking systemSingle-channel ABS
Kerb weight156 kg
Available coloursGrey, mirage white, and wild red

The price for Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 ABS is Rs 303,900.

2. Suzuki Gixxer

One of the most mind-blowing selling bicycles in India as well as in Nepal, Suzuki Gixxer’s plan has been gotten from its more seasoned kin GSXR. This stripped bicycle is truly outstanding in its group, both in execution and in looks. Fueled by a 154.9cc single-chamber motor, it has a maximum force of 14.6 PS and a pinnacle force of 14Nm. Alongside great mileage, this bicycle additionally gives the rider the required power and solace for long rides. The speed increase of the bicycle is really astounding for a 150cc. Different highlights incorporate a support free battery, trip meter, motor off button, tubeless tires, and stuff markers.


Engine typeSingle-cylinder, air-cooled, carburetor engine
DimensionLength: 2,050mm
Width: 785mm
Height: 1,030mm
Ground clearance: 160mm
Max power14.6 PS @ 8000 rpm
Max torque14 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Top speed115 Kmph
Mileage40-45 kmpl
Fuel tank capacity12 litres
Tyre sizeFront tyre: 100/80-17 – Disc
Rear tyre: 140/60-17 – Disc
Braking systemSingle-channel ABS
Kerb weight135 kg
Available coloursBlack, red, and blue

The price for Suzuki Gixxer 2018 is Rs 283,900.

1. Yamaha FZ-FI V2.0

Yamaha has been one all the time of the most believed bike brands in the country. The FZ form 2.0 is the second era of the FZ series. Fueled by a solitary chamber 149cc FI motor, it can create a maximum force of 13.2 BHP at 8000 rpm and a maximum force of 12.8Nm at 6000 rpm. It is likewise one of the most eco-friendly bicycles in this class and is an ideal one for the urban areas of Nepal. It is a decent suburbanite bicycle, yet it additionally gives great execution to long outings. Yamaha FZ FI v2.0 is a decent decision for anyone hoping to change over to the FI motor without going over the financial plan. Different elements in this bicycle incorporate its lively illustrations, fuel-infusion motor, split seats, outspread tires and computerized instrument meter.


Engine typeAir-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke, Two-valve SOH
DimensionLength: 1,990mm
Width: 770mm
Height: 1,050mm
Ground clearance: 160mm
Displacement149 cc
Max power13.2 bhp @ 8000 rpm
Max torque12.8 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Top speed110 kmph
Mileage50 kmpl
Fuel tank capacity12.8 liters
Tyre sizesFront tyre: 100/80-17 – Disc
Rear tyre: 140/60-17 – Drum
Braking systemNormal
Kerb weight133 kg
Available coloursBlue and black

The price for Yamaha FZ-FI V2.0 is Rs 284,900.

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