Foreign advertisements not stopped on TV, government warns to take action against those who disobey

Foreign advertisements not stopped on TV, government warns to take action against those who disobey. Kathmandu. The public authority has executed the Spotless Feed strategy from October 22 last year according to the Publicizing Guideline Act and Rules. The public authority has cautioned that move will be made against a few unfamiliar channels despite the … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war deepens chip shortages, could push up prices of smartphones, laptops and electric cars

Kathmandu. War breaks out between Russia and Ukraine If the ongoing war continues for a long time, its effects will not be limited to two countries. The war is expected to push up the price of products such as smartphones, laptops and electric cars around the world. Because of the war between the two countries, … Read more

Madhesh Pradesh, which is working with overall development as a priority, is succeeding in building infrastructure

Kathmandu: Infrastructures have been constructed at a rapid pace in Madhes, which was lagging behind in infrastructure development till a few years ago. The people of the state are also happy with the expansion of physical infrastructure. In the four years since the formation of the state government, Madhesh Pradesh has made great strides in … Read more

Attitude quotes for fake friends

Attitude quotes for fake friends, an emotions cant is an emotion happiness ,sadness love hatred every things  is true. and pure what is fake is the person who is showing such emotions. and claiming such emotions, and claiming them to be true. many times we are ditched cheated upon by other people (Friends\partner ) … Read more

valentine messages for girlfriend

Valentine messages for girlfriend. There are most valuable and Impressive Wish for valentine Day Happy Valentine Day My Love !! The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved. love is not only being to express in word, it express in feeling of two heart but I express my feeling through word.  … Read more

The sad news came to fill the IPO of Nashdo prosperous microfinance, now what?

The public offering sale of Nashdo Prosperous Microfinance Financial Institution Limited has been opened from yesterday. As of 5:05 pm on the first day, 657,075 applicants have applied for 78,68,150 lots, according to CDSC. Nashdo Samridha Microfinance has opened 828,750 IPO lots with a paid up capital of Rs. 172.12 million and Rs. Microfinance has … Read more

Scope of Technology in Nepal

Scope of Technology in Nepal ,In the contest of Nepal there are lots of probability in the field of technology. In The Contest of Nepal lots of It company is in growing and established. We Have no more resources in IT field There are lots of chances and opportunities in Design and Developer as well … Read more